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We offer a wide choice of telephones and handsets to support the cloud based service.

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VoIP phones are the future of telephony. They allow you to make calls through the internet instead of your landline. What’s more, many of our VoIP phones come with the same high-end features you’d expect from a modern cordless phone.


If you sign up for a three year inclusive deal then many come as standard and without further charge

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Polycom VVX

Polycom VVX handsets are next generation, high quality devices with superb HD voice capabilities. All models are POE enabled and come equipped with dual network ports. The range includes models that support Gigabit, colour LCD screens and even touch screens. All models come with a large number of line keys which can be expanded using paper or colour screen expansion modules.

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Cisco SPA

Cisco SPA handsets are robust and reliable devices which are rich in features and which have a wide following. Most models are enabled with POE and dual network ports.

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Aastra handsets are stylish devices that suit any business seeking a solution on a budget. The range includes an entry level model with minimal features through to more sophisticated models with colour screens that can be enhanced with expansion modules.

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Polycom Soundstation

Polycom are the market leader in desktop HD-quality audio conference devices. All models are POE enabled, have excellent speaker and microphone range, and are suitable for any meeting room or board room.

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Siphone for Desktop

We offer the Siphone application - powered by Counterpath - for making and receiving calls on your desktop. Complemented by a headset, a Siphone user has all of the same calling capabilities as an IP phone user – the associated PC or Mac desktop simply needs access to a quality broadband Internet connection.

Siphone for Mobile

We offer the Siphone app for iOS and Android - powered by Counterpath - for making and receiving calls on your preferred mobile device. It is recommended primarily for use over WiFi, but it also performs well over 3G and 4G data services where the signal is strong.

Siemens Gigaset DECT

A Siemens Gigaset kit is the ideal wireless solution for the small or home office. Each base station connects to your network and supports up to 6 handsets with a 50m indoor range. A range of handsets are supplied to meet a wide variety of requirements, including durable models for industrial environments, and high quality, feature-rich devices for executive use.

Broadband Pricing

Starting At
  • Prices vary in terms of monthly bandwidthperfect for standby circuits
  • Static IPas standard
  • Business grade networklow contention ratios
  • Draytek routers offerhigh throughput
  • Bandwidth variableaccording to cost
Starting At
Dual Premium
  • A resiliant solution using two internet connections from different internet service providers.Ideal for load balancing or failover
  • Two static IP addressesOne for each route
  • Fully managedservice
  • Draytek 2760 RouterEnsure high availability
  • BandwidthUnlimited

Broadband Routers

We only supply Draytek equipment. As a business broadband specialist, we offer fully managed internet connections using a business only network to deliver low contention ratios and oustanding performance. It makes sense to deploy products of a standard to ensure business continuity.

The internet is becoming more important as time passes, you can't afford to get it wrong. Lost productivity and wages costs incurred by downtime is no good for your business - get it right - talk to us

  • ADSL2+
  • Fibre optic leased lines
  • FTTC connections
  • Business only network
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