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into the 21st Century.

From 2025, all businesses will need to move to a hosted telephone system.

Choose Fractal and you’ll get:

Fractal is helping to transform the way businesses communicate. We provide a single communications platform that addresses the needs of every employee, regardless of their location or the device they use. Using Hosted VoIP, businesses are easily able to react to change while maintaining best-in-class communications capability, enjoying:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Advanced Features
  • Increased Agility
  • Futureproof Technology

What is hosted telephony?


Hosted Telephony, also known as Cloud Telephony, is where organisations access business telephony as a service. In essence, the capabilities of a traditional PBX are delivered as a service from the cloud; providing comprehensive telephony functionality directly to each extension, regardless of location.

This flexible solution enables organisations to scale effortlessly and add functionality on a simple pay-as-you-use basis; including Advanced Hosted Telephony, Collaboration, Mobile Integration and Contact Centre capabilities.

Hosted Telephony is transforming the way companies communicate. Regardless of your company size or the physical location of your employees, you are able to deliver feature-rich business communications to every employee, from the cloud.


Why Choose Fractal?

VoIP Office

A must for anyone looking to replace their existing office telephone system.

Call Center

Full call centre features, including wallboards, call recording and UC client applications.

TAPI Compliant

Integrate the system with your CRM and use click to dial.

VoIP App

A mobile phone app for your phone to extend the reach of your landline number.

Number Portability

Provide us with a letter of authority and we will port your existing number.

Unlimited Extensions

The system is so flexible you govern the maximum number of extensions you need.

HD Voice Quality

High quality codecs ensure the best level of audio connection.

Voicemail to Email

Your messages are recorded as 'WAV' files to be sent to your nominated email address, great for those on the move.

Auto Attendant

Give your customers the chance to route through to the relevant department.

Professional Voicemail

Use your own recording or upload a professional voiceover to promote your company.

Flexible Forwarding

Let your customers call you, but when you're out let the system 'follow you'.

Dial-By-Name Directory

An on-line portal allows you to take control of the numbers you need to dial the most.

Every penny counts when choosing a new telephone system.

Try re-thinking your office phone system—it may be costing more than you realize.

By choosing our hosted telephony service you will ensure you gain the very best on your new investment in telephony.

The complete Internet based phone system can be scaled up and down as your business requires and gives you flexibility for home and remote workers.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communications technology in which voice calls, as well as your normal internet data, are transmitted using the internet, instead of the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN).

VoIP runs on your broadband internet connection instead of the old copper network. There’s no on-site equipment or infrastructure to maintain. You can be up and running quickly, able to focus more resources on running your business instead of managing your phone system.

Regardless of your company size or the physical location of your employees, you are able to deliver feature rich business telephony to every employee, from the cloud.

built in features

Transform your business communications

standard features.

  • DDI Telephone Number
  • Standard Call Control (hold, transfer, etc)
  • Call forwarding
  • Call filtering
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Web management
  • Conference Bridge for upto 50 parties
  • Voicemail (to email)
  • Call Encryption
  • Hot Desking
  • Auto Attendant/IVR
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Queueing

Need more information?

Contact us for a no oligation consultation to determine your requirements. We are happy to explain your options and help you achieve your objectives. Whilst we have always promoted a 'no minimum term contract' we have arrangements with the carrier to provide the equipment without charge. If you decide to stay with us for 36 months and we will provide your telephone handsets at no extra charge, and thereby reducing your investment costs, we will even throw in a generous monthly UK call allowance to local, national and mobile calls as inclusive minutes.

Inclusive UK mobile call minutes cover the following mobile networks:EE; Vodafone; Telefonica; Hutchinson 3G UK; Orange

Contract Terms:

  • Minimum contract term of 36 months. Minimum monthly charge applies and is equal to the number of ordered seats multiplied by license/extension/month.
  • Cancellation fees apply and are equal to the number of ordered extensions multiplied by license cost/extension/month multiplied by remaining months of the 36 month term for this Contract.
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VoIP phones.

  • Polycom VVX
  • Cisco SPA
  • Aastra
  • Polycom Soundstation
  • Bria Stretta for Mobile
  • Siemens Gigaset DECT
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