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Lower the cost of your phone bill


Like many businesses,
you may be paying too much for telephone calls;
hardly surprising when you consider the market is flooded
with confusing tariffs and dubious small print.

Some service providers can appear to offer you a low rate for calls,
yet the amount paid on the invoice may be inclusive of call set up fees which, for short duration calls, can be excessive.

Switching to Fractal Telecom is simple.

The line doesn’t change – you simply transfer billing and account management.



Analogue lines can be used for a variety of purposes such as alarm lines, an ADSL bearer line, PDQ machines, or just as a simple phone line.

The service is provided and maintained by Openreach and costs of £17.50 per month.


Providing great call quality for a telephone system deploying up to eight phone lines, ISDN2e is an ideal digital business line service for smaller offices.

ISDN2 provides for two communication channels and costs £39.95 per month.


ISDN30 is ideal when you've 'outgrown' ISDN2 as most systems will only allow connection of 4 ISDN2's the PABX making it ideal if you need eight or more lines.

ISDN30 costs £15.00 per month per channel, the minimum channel quantity is 8.