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Call delivery

All calls to non-geographic numbers are delivered via an Intelligent Network. Our choice of carrier is a leader in terms of its Intelligent Network architecture, deployment and richness of features. One of the key strengths of the Intelligent Network is its reliability — it is designed to be fully redundant, so that the failure of any single element does not impact on overall performance. The Intelligent Network handles in excess of 1 billion minutes of call traffic per month, and can be expanded rapidly to meet increased demand as has been proven over recent years.

The status of the Intelligent Network is proactively monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls to all numbers listed, can be delivered to any UK directly connected PSTN line types (which are identified by numbers starting ‘01’ and ‘02’). Calls cannot be delivered to mobile or international numbers. The Intelligent Network translates the dialled digits and delivers the calls to the PSTN number — translated address destination (TAD) — specified. You can direct calls to different destinations according to criteria you choose — for details on Callplans please click here .


Increase the addressable geographic market - advertise an AreaCall number (or an International FreeCall or Universal FreeCall number abroad), to offer services to new regions without the cost of setting up premises in the area. Alternatively you can hide your company's location using a non-geographic number with a standard prefix.

  • improve customer service - provide a range of services for your callers, such as a free helpline on which customers can call trained staff for product information; or a premium rate helpline on which they can get technical support
  • collect marketing information with our online call reports
  • increase order size - cross-train telephone staff to advise customers on other related products

Maximise your resources by the use a single set of non-geographic numbers to direct calls to geographically dispersed teams. CallPlans (see below) enable you to flexibly route calls coming in to your geographic numbers. If your call routing requirements change, we can quickly implement changes.


Use of one or a suite of these features combined will allow you to use your resources more effectively and enable your organisation to operate more flexibly without impacting customers or your customer service.

  • simple translation - the number is simply translated into another number to which we re-direct calls.
  • out-of-hours redirection - TimePlan and DayPlan can be used to direct out-of-hours calls to a different answering location
  • geographically based service - ZonePlan can be used to direct calls to an answering location relevant to the caller's location, e.g. their local outlet. When combined with DivertPlan, the caller may be redirected to a central office if their first choice is busy
  • disaster recovery - in the case of an emergency at your main site, a reserve CallPlan enables you to divert calls to an alternative location

The emphasis has to be to make sure all calls are delivered to your locations.


Our non-geographic numbers enable callers to your business (customers or employees) to call you at a charge chosen by you. The portfolio includes the following 08xx/03xx non-geographic numbers:

  • 0800 - FreeCall (freephone)
  • 0845 - LocalCall (local rate)
  • 0870 - NationalCall (national rate)
  • 0871 - NationalCall Plus (fixed rate)
  • AreaCall (these are standard STD codes that work like NGN)
  • International FreeCall (international freephone)
  • Universal FreeCall (universal international freephone numbering)

Already have a number?

Number portability agreements exist to allow you to retain your existing number. If you have been using one of these numbers, your customers will have got used to it by now, number portability allows you to transfer to another provider for cheaper usage charges. So you're not stuck with your supplier if they put up the charges. Contact us if you more information on how this works.

Need more information?

The use of number translation services is not often understood, so we've tried to discuss some of their features, benefits and applications in the following page.

Sometimes it helps to discuss the issue in person - why not contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. Please click here to arrange an initial meeting or to request a call.

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