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Analogue Lines

Analogue lines have been the backbone of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for many years. They are used for a variety of purposes such as alarm lines, an ADSL bearer line, PDQ machines, or just as a simple phone line.

All analogue lines are the same, what makes them different and affects the monthly rental is the 'care-level' assigned to them. When comparing costs, make sure you compare like for like and that you have chosen the care level that is right for your business. Higher care levels include a faster response in the event of a fault. For general business use, we recommend and use Premium lines (care level 2). For business critical lines, a faster response might be needed and, for those, we recommend care level 3 or 4.

Switching to Fractal Telecom is simple. The line doesn’t change – you simply transfer billing and account management.


ISDN2 is a digital business line service, perfect for smaller offices using a small modern PABX system. ISDN2 will support DDI capabilities to allow you to assign direct dial numbers to each of your team members, or different departments within the business, so callers don't have to go through a switchboard. When combined together ISDN2 will provide great call quality for up to eight phone lines, thats four seperate connectioms working as if they were one.

ISDN2 provides two voice channels per connection and is generally expandable upto 8 channels (4 x ISDN2) using the same number groups. If your business has grown to need more than 8 voice channels it's generally worth considering ISDN30.

Please note ISDN2 is being phased out and withdrawn by 2025.


The only difference between ISDN2e and ISDN30e is scalability.

ISDN30e is ideal if you need eight or more lines. Technically it gives you between one and thirty telephone lines all on the one connection, how you use them is up to you. It represents the ultimate in flexibility because you can add or withdraw lines easily. So if you plan to carry out a marketing campaign and need additional lines they can be added to your system and then removed when the need has passed. The ability to concatenate multiple bearers means it is the most flexible digital business phone line service available for a growing, thriving business.

All our lines are supplied by Openreach and billed to you through us. Our charges are simple and very affordable, with no minimum term contract to bind you to us, we are confident in our service and support.

Telephone services

Common Features

  • Installation cost (where new line required) just £99
  • No minimum term contract.
  • No minimum spend.
  • Call charges calculated to 0.1 pence.
  • Monthly billing and collection by direct debit.

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