Many businesses are paying too much for their telephone services; hardly surprising when you consider the market is flooded with confusing tariffs and dubious small print.

We offer no jargon, no gimmicks or confusing deals. Simply great service at the right price.


For many services we won't tie you in to a fixed term contract.


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Internet Access

When it comes to doing business, why wait around? Get ahead of your competition at every opportunity, serving your customers first, Internet access is often reported as fast, but not all Internet access is the same. Most Internet traffic is routed through three or even more different paths between you and your destination resulting in slow downs and bottlenecks. With our business-only carrier class network you connect directly to over 200 peering agreements with SaaS and content providers like Microsoft, BBC, Google and Salesforce. This means lower latency and improved delivery of your most important business applications and services. A business-only carrier-class Network avoids disruption from 'consumer' peaks.

  • Fibre optic leased lines
  • FTTC connections
  • Business only network
  • ADSL2+
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Broadband Pricing

Starting At
  • Prices vary in terms of monthly bandwidthperfect for standby circuits
  • Static IPas standard
  • Business grade networklow contention ratios
  • Draytek routers offerhigh throughput
  • Bandwidth variableaccording to cost
Starting At
Dual Premium
  • A resiliant solution using two internet connections from different internet service providers.Ideal for load balancing or failover
  • Two static IP addressesOne for each route
  • Fully managedservice
  • Draytek 2760 RouterEnsure high availability
  • BandwidthUnlimited

Broadband Routers

We only supply Draytek equipment. As a business broadband specialist, we offer fully managed internet connections using a business only network to deliver low contention ratios and oustanding performance. It makes sense to deploy products of a standard to ensure business continuity.

The internet is becoming more important as time passes, you can't afford to get it wrong. Lost productivity and wages costs incurred by downtime is no good for your business - get it right - talk to us

  • ADSL2+
  • Fibre optic leased lines
  • FTTC connections
  • Business only network
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Reduce your business phone line costs

More and more business customers are benefitting from lower business telecoms costs with:

Flexible pricing plans –enjoy our great pence-per-minute rates or choose a call package to suit your needs

Tailored features – customise your business phone line at competitive prices

Competitive business line rental

No minimum term contract

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Non Geographic or Virtual Service Numbers

Sometimes known as non-geographic numbers (NGN) or non-geographic number translation services, they now play an important role in the contact strategy of businesses and offer a wealth of advantages beyond the 'ordinary' telephone number. For sometime now, many organisations have learned that the correct use of non-geographic numbers plays a vital role in an effective customer contact strategy.

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