Superfast FTTC

  • The latest in superfast broadband, offering download speeds of 80M and an upload of 20M. Speeds vary depending how far you are away from the exchange.
  • Download speeds of upto 80M are achieveable depending on the area and the distance from the telephone exchange.
  • This service is becoming more widespread but is not available in all areas so do check with us first.
  • Outstanding UK-based support.
  • Fixed IP Address as standard
  • Switching to Fractal Telecom is simple.
  • Pricing is £49.95 per month for a truly unlimited circuit
Fibre optic broadband isn't available in all areas, despite the marketing hype by some providers. It's often known as 'Infinity' but this is a preserve of BT as a trademark. To all other service providers we simply refer to it as FTTC ( Fibre To The Cabinet). It usually comes with download speeds of upto 80MBit/s and upload speeds of 20MBit/s, but this is subject to the distance from the street side cabinet. If you're too far away - you just won't get the full speed.
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Superfast FTTC Pricing

Starting At
  • The latest in superfast broadband.Download speeds of upto 80M.
  • Static IPas standard
  • Business grade networklow contention ratios
  • Draytek routers offerhigh throughput
  • BandwidthUnlimited
Starting At
Dual Premium
  • A resiliant solution - two internet connections.Ideal for load balancing or failover
  • Two static IP addressesOne for each route
  • Fully managedservice
  • Draytek 2762 RouterEnsure high availability
  • BandwidthUnlimited