Now with support of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.


Get ESET’s award winning antivirus on your SharePoint Server and keep your projects running smoothly.

ESET SharePoint Security allows you to clean and perform on-demand or scheduled scans of your SharePoint database. Customise your scans by setting up rules based on file name, size and type in order to speed up scans. ESET Self-Defence prevents unauthorised uninstallation of our software to ensure your database is always protected. Our ThreatSense engine combines speed, accuracy and low system impact.

Remote Administrator, our central management tool, comes free with ESET SharePoint Security.


  • Sharepoint Content Protection keeps your database clean with on-demand or scheduled scans.
  • Rule Based Filtering allows you to customise scans by File type, size or name.
  • Server Protection including the resident shield and on-demand scanning.
  • ESET Self-Defence and Password Protected Uninstallation ensure that ESET cannot be removed by a malicious element.
  • Low System Demands with our advanced ThreatSense technology.
  • Cross-Platform Protection ensure that malware targeting Windows, Mac and Linux cannot be transferred between platforms.

ESET Remote Administrator comes free with all our business range.