ESET Remote Administrator lets you manage all of your ESET security solutions across your entire business network

Whether large or small - effectively and efficiently

Regardless of whether your business has a hand full of employees or hundreds ESET Remote Administrator makes mundane day-to-day tasks and complex tasks easy to implement and manage. ERA comes free with any ESET business product and streamlines your ESET security solutions.

ERA’s web console manages everyday network security. Clear dashboards with extensive drill-down capabilities makes viewing interpreting and viewing data stored in the database simple. Policies can be defined on a product by product basis, the Admin can choose from predefined security policies, or create their own, according to the individual client needs, eg. specific policies for laptops or servers and restrictive or soft policies.

Manage all of your business licenses in one place and deployment ESET products to your Endpoints with just a few clicks, ESET Remote Administrator does the rest. Admins can configure triggers which activate different tasks based on scheduled dates and times. Triggers can be paired with dynamic groups and execute tasks on a client once it enters the group.

A “superior admin” can setup role-based management meaning that multiple users can have access to ERA with different levels of access and sets of privileges. For example a company with multiple offices might want an admin to oversee each office individually with the “superior admin” based at the head office overseeing the company as a whole.

Admins can configure the notification options in a wizard-style series of steps in order to quickly and efficiently deal with any security issues as they happen: ensuring that your security admins are never out of the loop.


  • ESET Remote Administrator Server component can be installed on Windows as well as Linux servers and can handle communication with agents, as well as collecting an storing application data.
  • Web-Console is the front-end component of ERA and manages everyday network security. Clear dashboards with drill-down capabilities make navigating easy and intuitive.
  • Rogue Detection Sensor is used to discover unprotected and unmanaged machines in the network.
  • ESET License Administrator handles all licenses in one place. Admins can merge, delegate and manage all licenses centrally.
  • Endpoints Deployment can automatically determine the type of agent to be installed, according to the target operating system.
  • Role-Based Management enables the creation of other Admins with different levels of access and sets of privileges.
  • Dynamic and Static Groups - clients can be assigned to either a static or dynamic group. The Admin sets inclusion criteria for a dynamic group; any client which meets this criteria is automatically assigned to that dynamic group.
  • Policies can be defined per security product which can be chosen from a predefined list and assigned to different dynamic groups.
  • Triggers can be used by the Admin to define when specific tasks are undertaken.
  • Tasks are created in wizard-style steps and clearly sorted for various ESET security products
  • Reports can be customised to suit your company needs or chosen from a pre-defined list.
  • Notifications mean that system Admins receive up-to-date security notifications as they happen.

ESET Remote Administrator comes free with all our business range.