ESET Mail Security for Lotus Domino provides powerful antivirus and antispam protection

Scanning all email traffic passing through the Lotus Domino server.

Featuring a host server antivirus, providing an all-in-one protection for company servers.

ESET Mail Security is optimised for both high performance and low system footprint, the antispam engine integrates multiple technologies to ensure maximum detection of email threats. These include (RBL, DNSBL, Fingerprinting, Reputation checking, Content analysis, Bayesian filtering, Rules, Manual white listing/blacklisting and others).

Although the software boasts improved antivirus and antispyware that keeps all types of known and emerging malware from accessing your company network, the software is still easy on the system. Engineered to have a small footprint, the mail security software frees up system resources for vital server operations.

ESET Mail security for IBM Lotus Domino now supports the most recent combinations of Microsoft Windows Server & Lotus Domino server, both 32- and 64- bit versions. Installation and configuration are completed in a matter of minutes. With advanced automation options, import/export of configuration and the remote administration tool, ESET’s solution for IBM Lotus Domino operates virtually on a set-and-forget basis.

You can rely on the established track record of performance and reliability synonymous with ESET as recognized by independent testing organizations, such as VB100 and AV-Comparatives.


  • Database Scan your entire database structure on-demand or scheduled.
  • Real File Type Detections allows you to set specific policies dependent on the type on content in an email.
  • Improved Antispam Engine with in-depth configuration.
  • Small System Footprint that frees up system resources.
  • Improved Antivirus and Antispyware.
  • Enhanced Compatibility now supports the most recent Microsoft Windows Server and Lotus Domino Server combinations.
  • SMTP and Database Scanning.
  • Time-tested Performance as shown by our awards from VB100, AV-Comparatives and others.
  • Trouble-free Installation and Setup allows you to set-and-forget or tweak settings to suit your network.